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What’s The Meaning of This!

Travel can mean many things to many people. It even has many words to describe it: trip, journey, vacation, ride, honeymoon, flight, voyage or cruise. You get my point. I’m going to write about those words.

I often look at things from a different angle (See my page – A Real Trip). Some people call it – looking at things through a different colored lens.

I’m going to write and take pictures about travel. Trips I have taken, am taking and plan on taking.

My first trip is going to be to walk over to that desk over there and sit my ass down, and start writing.

Hopefully some of you will stick around. And enjoy the ride with me.


3 responses to “What’s The Meaning of This!

  1. Amanda ⋅

    WOW! This is definitely a trip! There was so much running through my head as I was reading your “A Real Trip” page, trying to figure out what was going to happen. Very creative!


  2. Pamela Kozlowski ⋅

    Masterful writing! You had us spellbound and in suspense. The link to the “birth canal” was especially was thrilling!


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