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Chapter 2: Lost in translation.

So when your handsome flight attendant says to you, softly, “Volerai sotto forma di un pretzel per otto ore”, and you think … Sure, whatever you say, Giovanni!

Ah, the Romance Languages. Here it is in French — “Vous volerez en forme de bretzel pendant huit heures”. And here it is in English. . . . . Wait for it. . . . .

Eight hours that would have every prisoner at GTMO spill the beans!!!

Or this —

But all’s well that ends well!

7 responses to “Chapter 2: Lost in translation.

  1. Dee Brenner ⋅

    Hahahahahaha and wouldn’t sound so lovely in German either!


  2. I feel like I am there with you. Anita, you look marvelous! I’m jealous! Are you staying in Rome or visiting other areas too?


  3. What are you eating? You must take pictures of your food before you eat. That is what Loretta and I did and we love to have everyone back home be jealous!


  4. Anonymous ⋅



  5. Betty Berry ⋅

    Jealous- not about the flight! Should have had wine on plane- lots of it!😂😂


  6. Loretta Sharp ⋅

    Did u like the oysters in Rome? R u on your way to Umbria now?


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