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Chapter 3: Roaming with some Romans!

The best food we had in Rome was not in a restaurant, not in a cafe, not at the pope’s house, but rather a friends’ house, BY FAR!

Are you wondering how it would be possible to make friends who would invite us to their house and cook for us, when we’ve only been in Rome for less than a week? Wonder no more – we invited ourselves!

Just kidding, we just happen to have friends from Woodstock who were here at the same time visiting relatives in Rome.

Meet the sisters — Lorene, Olga and Maria (shy) and whose mother was from Abruzzo and Sommelier Fred (aka Olga’s husband), not shy, just don’t know where he was.



Homemade pasta with fresh tomato sauce and burrata


Platters of garlic fried aubergines, bruschetta and Mediterranean olives


Fennel and roasted red peppers


Fresh Penne, warm cannelloni beans, chicken broth, pecorino cheese, arugula and radicchio. An amazing combination of creamy pasta with partially purred beans topped with earthy fresh greens!

Great Company, Great Wine, and wonderful Roman style food!

Bouno Appetito

7 responses to “Chapter 3: Roaming with some Romans!

  1. Dee Brenner ⋅

    Sounds delicious!


  2. I’m licking the screen! Looks divine!


  3. Anonymous ⋅

    When in Rome!


  4. beverly wright ⋅

    WOW! I just ate and looking at all that authentic Italian food makes me hungry! Lucky you…what a wonderful treat.


  5. Bonnie ⋅

    Hey, I used to have that print in my dining room..I think it was a Klimt? Food looks awesome! Thanks for sharing. Hopefully our food will be great at the bistros in France too!


  6. Loretta Sharp ⋅

    wonderful food and entertainment. you are having a real Italian experience.


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