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Chapter Four: Wine Tour, wine lunch and wine slurping!

Sorry for the delay in posting , but my camera fell into a barrel of Cardi Montefalco Sagrantino!

We couldn’t retrieve the camera till the barrel was empty.

After touring the hillside village of Montefalco located in the beautiful region of Umbria, and the vineyard of Alberto Cardi . . . .

. . . . Along with a talk and tour of the winery . . .

Food and Wine start flowing

Our host Alberto, cracked open some of his wine, and then platters of food were following right behind!

Ceci bean dip^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Bruschetta and crisps^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Fried ricotta and spinach^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Roast pork^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Sautéed Agretti, a delicious green vegetable^^^^^^^^^^^

Crunchy Almond cookies to dunk into our dessert wine^^^^^^^^^


Served with a flight of Spoleto Trebbiano, then a Montefalco Rossi, then, with the “Secondi” a robust Sagrantino di Montefalco and finally a delicious sweet wine to dip our cookies into!

Then this happened . . . .

. . . But that’s a story for another day!

2 responses to “Chapter Four: Wine Tour, wine lunch and wine slurping!

  1. Yum! Wish we were there! Happy Mother’s Day to Anita!


  2. Food looks so yummy! Where did you put it all? Glad you are having fun.


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