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Polizia and Carabinieri Explained!

The Polizia are the Pronucziation Police!

This woman failed to roll her “r” when she said “Marone”!

Marone, is she in trouble now!

These Polizia are checking people’s pronuncziation of the word “Grazie”. If you get busted saying “Grassy”, Fuhgettaboutit!

The Carabinieri

Carabinieri is slang for Carbonara, the famous sauce with cream, pancetta and Parmesan cheese. So, basically the Carabinieri are the “Food Police”!

Everyone Capici?


So, who’s really in charge then?!


What is Wrong With You!

2 responses to “Polizia and Carabinieri Explained!

  1. That is funny, Kevin. We met some very handsome policemen in Castellamare near where we stayed. Their uniforms, I believe, were designed by one of those Italian designers. Of course, we wasted no time in flirting!! Italians love older women!! Don’t tell Anita!


    • Loretta Sharp ⋅

      There were also some military in the piazza in Capua with crisp uniforms and one woman. Capua is where my grandparents lon my mother’s side lived in their first apartment when they had their first child, John DeCapario. They later came to Boston and had 7 more children!


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