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Families are like fudge . . . mostly sweet with a few nuts!


Meet Our New “Sweet Side” of the Family!

So, We gotta be cousins . . . Right? Right! He’s a Martocci(a). I’m a Martocci. He’s from Laurenzana, my Grandparents are from Laurenzana. He’s a professor, I’m a . . . well,  I know how to profess . . . close enough!  What else do you need to know!

Martoccia pic

To Antonio’s House

Martoccia doorAND His Front Door!

With Antonio, his wife, Philomena and daughter Anna

Getting to Know You

The Martoccias couldn’t have been more hospitable. They were warm and kind . . .we were treated like famiglia. We spent several hours there. They showed us family pictures (they have two sons as well). We also learned about the area Patron Saint —-

The Blessed Egidio of Laurenzana. They make a delicious cookie in his honor. Dunk it in your espresso!!

Delicious Espresso and Cookies were served.

These were not the cookies that were served . . . We ate so fast, we didn’t have time to take a picture!

The Get-Away Car!

This is Antonio’s 1954 Fiat, that his father gave him. Apparently the Italian circus has expressed a desire to purchase the vehicle.

Arrivederci Antonio

We said our thank yous and goodbyes. We exchanged phone numbers and agreed to stay in touch.

I know I’m quite happy to have a cousin Tony, and my kids and nieces have an Uncle Tony, I repeat . . . Uncle Tony! Lets have a sausage to celebrate . . . Maron!

On the other hand, I’m not so sure that Cousin Tony and his family are that thrilled to have a Cousin Kevin.  It doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

Watch the video below of Antonio’s son, Vincenzo calling his brother Conedisio to see what I mean!


The End (of this post)

not THE END!


One response to “Families are like fudge . . . mostly sweet with a few nuts!

  1. This reminds me of that episode on Raymond when his aunt comes to visit and they fell in love with her….but that was the wrong aunt. Did you see that episode? Would you do a DNA test to see if you are related? That must have been quite an emotional visit for you. Hope you can make another trip.


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