A Real Trip

The Beginning

One time, I took this amazing and incredible trip. It’s hard to describe, but here goes. I’m warning you though, as much as I loved this trip, I’ll never do it again!

It started out like a dream. I was in a spa in Hot Springs, Arkansas. It was full of the most sensuous feelings – babbling hot springs water, rhythmic and soft background music. It was intoxicating. I was tripping!

Oh, and I met a woman. She was beautiful and warm. We decided to travel together for a while. We became virtually inseparable. We toured New York City  a lot and even went to Florida.

It Gets Interesting

We fell in love and loved being together. . . most of the time. Occasionally,  we disagreed. She would like to sit and enjoy quiet moments or listen to music; and I wanted to go dancing. I loved doing a little tap dance right in front of her. She seemed to like that too, as long as I didn’t go too crazy.

Our love for each other kept growing, but ironically I felt, at times, we were moving apart. Part of me wanted to end this journey and be by myself. Dare I say, I felt trapped and loved at the same time!

The Inevitable

One day we were in New Rochelle, NY. I was feeling more and more pressure to get out, so we mutually agreed to end our journey. It got messy. There was a lot of screaming and crying. I felt like a giant whale being squeezed through the Holland Tunnel. Was my idyllic dream turning into some kind of bad acid trip?

Well no! Suddenly the cries turned to hugging and kissing and tears of joy! Except for me, I was now the only one crying.

A trip down the birth canal will do that to you!

Let the Journey Begin!