Kevin Clark.
He claims to like his family, photography, food, people, travel and beer in no particular order.
But lets get real here. Anybody who knows him, knows that beer is #1. His wife will laugh at this because she knows that he thinks he’s funny. Of course, she knows that Kevin is funny sometimes and that he loves his family first and foremost. Or else.
This blog is about travel, but don’t be surprised if Kevin collides with people, food, beer and family on his travels.
For example, this post.KC walking (683x1024)

2 responses to “About

  1. Kevin, you certainly have a way with story telling! I wouldn’t want to misconstrue any constituent elements to your Life’s Love Journey… So, that’s all I’ll say. Well, and that you ARE funny. Even so, the end result is pretty cute! Supposing she’s all growed up now…,Yes?
    Quite endearingly, Andrea


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